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What are GoMe Affiliates?

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Affiliate Organizations & Contacts


CCN LogoCavern Communications Network (CCN) - Veralun

TCT LogoThe Cavern Today (TCT) - Anthony (TCT Podcast producer)

What is the relationship between the GoMe and its Affiliates?

In some respects, the GoMe acts as a news wire service, not dissimilar to Reuters or the Associated Press on the surface. The GoMe accumulates news from a variety of sources, and is also a central contact point for anyone wishing to ‘get the word out’ about an event or newsworthy item. Affiliates, like anyone else, can use GoMe releases in their own productions. In some cases, if we receive news that we don’t, for whatever reason, publish immediately, we may still pass this on to our affiliates.

However, most importantly, we provide a central point of communication between all of our affiliates, and are also able to provide support to them. This support may include advertising and public awareness schemes enacted on their behalf and provision of contacts for various community figures. We can also provide some web space if necessary.

The GoMe exercises no creative control over its affiliates. They are still largely independent. While we do appreciate it if they indicate in some way that they are affiliates of the Guild, perhaps on their websites or on other publications, we otherwise don’t require anything else from our affiliates. The relationship between the Guild and its affiliates is therefore largely open and free, rather than authoritative.

Cavern Communications Network (CCN):       

Cavern Communications Network is a media organization that has been in operation since 2003. The program material began with the audio podcast, but quickly branched out in to video. Programs have included The Cavern Players machinema programs, the vidcast CavernCast that covers monthly episodes, documentaries, and the Spotlight on the Community - coverage of explorer- and Cavern-related events and creations.

CCN is a collaborative organization, who’s talented and versatile members specialize in teamwork. Cooperation is the key, learning is the foundation, and these elements CCN team members are proud to bring with them into their affiliation with the Guild of Messengers. CCN members see this as a mutually beneficial relationship that will strengthen each organization as well as the community as a whole.

The Cavern Today: 

The Cavern Today, known as TCT for short, was originally a simple podcast, designed to fill in the time after the original demise of Uru Live with news and variety segments.

Now, however, TCT has grown beyond simply the podcast and has become something of an umbrella name for the organization that includes The Cavern Today podcast, the TCT Extra (designed for rapid news dissemination to the cavern), and The Archiver (a web magazine, the visual medium of TCT).

These three projects all fulfill a variety of functions, such as news distribution (particularly concerning important in-cavern events), entertainment and variety - as well as interviews with explorers, story characters and Cyanists. Thanks to the large number of dedicated volunteer contributors across all 3 projects and from all over the world, TCT has been able to, and will continue to be able to, distribute audio and visual news and entertainment "Around the World and Across the Ages."

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